Alarm Monitoring

Back to Base Alarm Monitoring System

At West-Tec Security, we proudly offer a Back to Base alarm monitoring system that helps ensure your property is protected at all times. Our specialists partner with a dedicated monitoring station that will monitor your security system and respond appropriately to any alarms or threats. This includes logging in to assess the situation, contacting designated home or business personnel, deploying a security guard, and/or alerting the authorities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

The Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring

The remote CCTV monitoring services at West-Tec Security give you peace of mind that your premises and valuable assets are safe no matter what the time is or how far away you are. Paired with an integrated security system that may include a combination of CCTVsecurity alarms, access control and more, our business and home alarm monitoring services can make your property secure.

In addition, a back to base alarm monitoring system means that we won’t have to send out technicians and charge clients over minor things. Our supervised monitoring, remote firmware updates and visual verification services are also available at no extra cost.

Discuss your wireless alarm monitoring requirements with the West-Tec Security team by calling 0432 588 721, emailing or sending us a message online.