Education Security Systems Sydney

School, universities and other educational institutions are common targets for theft, vandalism and other criminal activities. There is also a high risk of anti social behaviour due to the tendencies of young people. Because of the large size of education premises found around Sydney and also the level of busyness associated with them, a thorough security system is a must have to keep staff, students and property safe.

West-Tec can install a thorough education security system at your institution, consisting of CCTV surveillance and any other desired technologies.

West-Tec only installs systems which have been proven as reliable and established brands with a focus on overall quality. This ensures local support is easily accessible to the customer and any required parts or servicing is readily available. We also offer pre-wire fit outs of our systems for either new or additional work on pre-existing cabling. This allows for the buyer to conceptualise the network prior to installation.

The range of high quality and established brands that we choose to use include: DSC, DAS, NX, Honeywell, Hills, Ness, Bosch.