Health Security Systems Sydney

Health facilities have a large amount of requirements when it comes to security and a system to protect everything can quickly become a complex challenge, particular in large hospitals.

Patients and staff require protection and the theft of stock such as medicines that are often targeted must be prevented. With an integrated system consisting of CCTV, access control, alarms, monitoring and more, we can fully secure health sector premises, large or small.

We can also perform a full security audit on your facility. This audit can be used to determine required upgrades to any existing security system and also to satisfy certain regulations and requirements.

West-Tec only installs systems which have been proven as reliable and established brands with a focus on overall quality. This ensures local support is easily accessible to the customer and any required parts or servicing is readily available. We also offer pre-wire fit outs of our systems for either new or additional work on pre-existing cabling. This allows for the buyer to conceptualise the network prior to installation.

The range of high quality and established brands that we choose to use include DSC, DAS, NX, Honeywell, Hills, Ness and Bosch.