Security Audits

Security Audit Services

Do you want to assess the effectiveness of your current security system? Are you concerned about vulnerabilities that intruders can exploit? Fortunately, the team at West-Tec Security can put your mind at ease with thorough security audit services. Whether you want a home security audit or a business security audit, our team can make sure your building is safe and secure by addressing vulnerabilities and removing potential exploits. Make a booking at your earliest convenience.

What Our Security Audit Services Involve

At West-Tec, our security audit services involve an inspection of your home or business as well as thorough testing of all technology involved in your current system. Our security audit will result in a thorough report that includes recommended steps to take in order to further secure your premises. We can make sure you adhere to various regulations and/or satisfy certain business requirements. These are especially critical for businesses that contain sensitive information or valuable assets.

We always put the needs of our clients first. That’s why we remotely assist them with supervised monitoring, remote firmware updates, and visual verification at no extra cost. We don’t have to send out technicians over the smallest issues. We also require no contracts or month-to-month plans.

To arrange a home or business security audit, get in touch with us today by calling 0432 588 721, filling out our online enquiry form or sending us an email for a prompt response.