Strata Security Systems Sydney

The security of a building is always of the utmost importance to any strata manager. Blocks face a number of challenges including the prevention of trespassing, burglaries, vandalism and improper use of facilities.

West-tec Security provides high quality strata security systems for Sydney apartment blocks. They may include CCTV, alarms, access control via pass codes or swipe cards, monitoring and more.

West-Tec only installs systems which have been proven as reliable and established brands with a focus on overall quality. This ensures local support is easily accessible to the customer and any required parts or servicing is readily available. We also offer pre-wire fit outs of our systems for either new or additional work on pre-existing cabling. This allows for the buyer to conceptualise the network prior to installation.

The range of high quality and established brands that we choose to use include: DSC, DAS, NX, Honeywell, Hills, Ness, Bosch.